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September 15, 2013
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Name: Ryn
Age: 19
Height: 5'4"
Orientation: Bi
Rank: C
Team: N/A
Tuner: N/A

The Ring Road

The Ring Road is the only Road that is primarily non-offensive. It is a supportive road whose riders that consists of Link Tuners - mechanics who fix and tune other riders to their ATs. Not all Ring Road users can actually ride ATs. Ring Road focuses on sound - every rider and AT has a rhythm. The Link Tuners match the rhythm of the AT to its rider's, increasing performance. A person with the potential for Ring Road will know the exact time without reference.

air treks

Spine Tingler :y


Quiet- Doesn't say much but not to be mistaken as shy
Clingy- She likes physical contact and just to cling to people she likes or get piggy back rides.
Mischievous- She may seem stand off-ish but she does like to cause some small mischief in the background and get into things she shouldn't.
Gullible- Tell her gullible is written in the sky and she'll look. I promise.
Curious- Will always get into things she shouldn't due to just being too curious.
Stubborn- can't ever get her to change her mind.. reverse psychology is a must to be used on this girl.

history/team history

She's always been a quiet girl.. never stood out very much and didn't have very many friends. The one friend she only cared about having though were her pet birds.. or her Favorite being her white raven, Ghost. Though Ryn's encounter with Ghost would ruin her chances of ever becoming a storm rider.

Ryn had always been an admirer of the sky and the birds who could fly so freely in that big open space. She become more envious of the birds who could just fly away when Ryn's family became consumed in greed and constantly fought over money; how she just wanted to be able fly away from her destructive family. That is when she witnessed the amazing ability of these skates called Air Treks. The people who had these seemed to just glide through the air so effortlessly and could just 'fly away'. She needed these things. She must have them.

Eventually the white haired girl was able to save up some money (and sneak some from her parents) to get a pair of Air Treks. She was pretty hyped to finally own such marvelous inventions. Soon she'd be able to join the others in her quest for feeling freedom. Though her dreams would soon come to an abrupt end.. but a faithful friend would be made.

It was an afternoon after school that she was rushing home to get more practice in with her treks that a small white baby bird was spotted lying in the middle of the road. Being that birds are her 'spirit animal', upon closer look she noticed that this small chick was infact a rare white raven, probably having fallen while trying to learn to fly. A car came racing down the road and there would be no way for it to see the small white bird.. so upon acting on instinct Ryn jumped in to save the chick but resulted in her getting into an accident that would crush her dreams of ever 'flying'.

Coming from the hospital it was apparent that her knees were ruined in the accident and would never be the same. She had saved the chick but her wings were forever clipped. Ryn would've spiraled into a never ending depression if it weren't for the raven. The raven ended up living and she made it her new goal to raise the fowl back to health. She meant to release it back to the wild after it was back to good health but she grew far too attached and ended up naming him Ghost. Though she would never be able to really use her Treks as they were meant to be used.. she would soon learn that her skill was tuning.

A few years pass and her love for Treks never died.. Though she couldn't fully ride them she was still very involved and studied the Treks. Ghost and tuning into the works of Treks kept her from reaching depression, which she knew this and did everything to keep from falling into the depression. Her everyday schedule turned into her just tuning her treks and maybe other's that managed to get into her hands, both out of commission and just finding abandoned treks/parts.






-sweet snacks
-to get rides from storm riders


-her weak knees
-her family
-storm riders rejecting her request for rides
-being put in the spot light
-knee pains


-Wears her rose headphones at least 90% of the time
-always carries snacks with her in her winged back pack
-will shove sweets into the mouths of people she doesn't like or find to be too loud/annoying.
-Will want to be carried a lot since her knees are crap and hurt if she's been stand/being active for too long.
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if you ever wish to fly ill gladly let you ride on my wings.
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