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December 10, 2013
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Yoryyntel: Liam by EEMOTH Yoryyntel: Liam by EEMOTH

Name: Liam 'Ravi' 

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Race: Human

Tribe: Mana'Ri

Ancestry: Lu Se

Playful- Liam is typical a playful, easy going guy. He just wants to have a good time and rather not let serious things ruin his good mood.

Friendly- Despite being a pirate and a thief, Liam is naturally a (relatively) good person and will usually greet folks with a smile.
Immature- He maybe 27 but he'll still act like his 16 for, probably as long as he lives. Guy just wants to have fun.. hence not having an actual job..
Blunt- The best way to avoid awkward situations is to just be straight up about things. Or at least that's how Liam see's it.
Mischievous- This goes along with being immature and playful. If the guy gets too bored he'll find ways to stir it up.
Flirt- If he likes what he see's he'll make it known. Most of the time.
Arrogant- He can be kinda full of himself and think he can take on anything.. but that's probably a ruse because deep down he knows he's pretty useless to society.. with him being a thief and all. 
Stubborn- Often times will not back down even if it's for his own good.
Selfish/less- He's always stuck on wanting to just keep everything for himself but greatly conflict when he also wants to give. Depends on how dire the situation is.

Occupation:  Pirate/Thief 

Companion: Luipane - Trik

Story: Liam had been born in Lu Se and only spent a year or two of his life before his parents set sail to the land of Yoryyn where they would start their new life with their son. Well that was the plan anyway. After a long travel to Yoryyn Liam's father, having a different plan the entire time, would leave his wife and son to set out on his own new life. This left Liam mother devastated and she grew sickly, though she would try her best to support her son in a new land unknown to her. 

The two would travel over the land and do odd jobs, but it was never really enough to make ends meet. When Liam grew to about 6, he began to fully understand their situation and that his mother often sacrificed her needs for her son. Liam took it upon himself to try to repay his mother by getting what he could to help them out.. which resulted in Liam's habit of stealing and case of sticky fingers. If he was not caught by authorities, he would often get scolded by his mother, but they both knew that they needed what they could get and would just let the boy off with strict lectures. 

Eventually Liam's mother would become friends with another traveling 'soon-to-be' mother and would help each other out. Down the path Liam's mother's friend would have to give birth. Poor boy couldn't handle it and passed out to later wake up and find a kitten.. who he tried to keep as a pet but would later grow to be Yaenu, Liam's bestfriend and brother.

The two would unfortunately have to split paths, but Liam made a promise to find his 'brother' again and visit him all the time.
In Liam's teens, he had gone out into a forest to search for fruits and maybe nuts for them to eat that night. That is when he heard yelps, yelling and cries of something that obviously was in pain and needed help. Grabbing the nearest branch as a weapon, Liam rushed in without much though and saw people netting and trapping Luipane. Liam tried his best to fight them off and free the animals but was eventually stopped and beat down. One of the men cut his eye and forever lost sight in his left eye. Eventually they stopped beating on the boy and and left with what little they had left. Liam regained consciousness to hear soft whimpering and nudging. All but one pup was left and Liam since then took it upon himself to raise the pup.

As Liam grew older, his mother grew even more ill and by the time they found a place to settle in Mana'Ri, it was already too late and his mother passed by the time Liam reached age 20. Being old enough, Liam didn't have too much trouble being able to live on his own.. but often times grew lonely in his home. Being that Liam and his mother often traveled along the coast, Liam had grown very fond of the ocean and well, Liam being Liam and his thievery ways, took up being a pirate. 

Nowadays Liam goes on adventures and searches for treasures and things to steal. Rarely staying in his lonesome house. 

-The ocean
-Water in general is pretty cool
-Most animals really
-A good ol brawl
-kissing //muah

-Being bored
-Alone for too long
-Feeling useless 
-Getting caught by guards
-His dad. He sucks.
-Anything that will remind him of his mom. Too sad.
-being shown up or beat

-Sometimes uses his anchors as grappling hooks :y
-Liam and Trik both reach to about 6ft tall
-usually has a knife or short sword with him.. just in case.
-Left handed
-Scars everywhere
-Rad tats on his right arm and back

"I'm bored."
"This is boring"
"You're boring"

Alliance: 'Neutral'.
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